Will PARC Drift be open during the COVID-19 Restrictions?
Yes, we will continue to abide by all restrictions but the Events will go on! We are practicing and enforcing Social Distancing and will be removing anyone who is not willingly compliant to all PARC Signs, Regulations & Staff members; without refund.

What happens if I accidentally damage something other than my Car?
Anyone who steps foot on the property is responsible for any and all damages. Barriers are $88 each.

I am coming to PARC for the first time to watch. What can I expect?
It will cost you $15 to get in the gate. This gets you all access to our spectator area, in the pits, up close and personal with the drivers, and potentially in the passenger seat of a DRIFT car. If you can arrange a ride-along, you can ride ‘shotgun’ on track. We also have concessions on site as well. Come hang out and get a taste of the local DRIFT scene.

I want to try DRIFTING at PARC. What do I need to do?
As a driver, you will be required to pass an on track audition with us before we grant you your PARC DRIFT Membership. You will drive a few laps showing us that you have the ability to control your car and keep it on track. We are not looking for talent, we are looking for discretion. Once you pass the audition, you will be able to get your Membership inside. You may now enter any of the PARC DRIFT events. Your Annual Memberships are renewable each year without redoing the audition. All occupants in cars on track are required to wear helmets. Drivers are required to provide their own helmets.

What standards must my car meet?
Your car will have to go through a very brief safety check. Seat belts, wheels lugs, secure battery, etc are things we will check for. WE do NOT ALLOW any GLYCOL based ANTIFREEZE in any car on track. If we find anyone using non-approved Antifreeze; the remainder of the event will be over for everyone with no refunds, no exceptions.

The safety of your car is 100% the drivers responsibility, but we will check things for you each day before being allowed on track. CARS THAT LEAK FLUIDS ON TRACK MAY ALSO BE DENIED TRACK ACCESS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE DAY. Make sure your ride can hold her fluids….. We do not require cages or have suspension standards. Convertibles may be asked to sign an additional waiver at the front gate.

What will I see happening on track if I come to watch?
You will get to see a many talented (and some striving to become talented….) driving enthusiasts having the time of their lives in their cars. In general, we do not hold DRIFT competitions at PARC, only Open DRIFT days. That means a steady flow of cars of all shapes and sizes doing crazy things in a controlled environment. Drivers may run in tandem, trips, quads or more if they choose. You will see someone that you relate to on track, and will want to come drive at our next event.

Do I have to reserve my spot to drive?
No, most PARC Drift events do not take pre-registration. Sign up at the front gate upon arrival. Once in a while, an event may require Pre-registration, but we will give you plenty of notice.

My car is really loud. Is that cool?
No, we have neighbors (and we like them). If we want to continue to Drift, cars must have mufflers and not exceed local sound statute sound limits. Loud cars will be eliminated from our events without refund.

How much horsepower do I need to DRIFT?
Our course layout will allow anyone with talent and car control to drift. Most of the track is low-speed with tight corners. Talent will override the need for horsepower at PARC.

What if I don’t have a helmet?
Anyone expecting to get in a car is required to bring their own helmet. PARC will NOT be renting helmets for the foreseeable future. If you do not have a full-faced helmet you must supply & wear your own mask with your helmet.

Can I do anything I want on the track in my car?
No, We have rules that all drivers must abide by & you are responsible for any and all damages. Drivers not adhering to these rules will be subject to different levels of penalties; none of which include refunds.

We expect all drivers to display control and respect at all times while on the property. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, at our discretion. We do not tolerate the use of any controlled substance or alcohol on our premises.

What is the typical time frame for a PARC DRIFT event day?
Gates Open : 9am

Driver’s Meeting :10:30am

Drifting 11am-6pm

For our larger Events; Drivers allowed to register at 9am & Spectators at 10am. We may opt to allow Drivers and Crew Members in 1 hour prior to the spectators to give them a chance to unload and get situated.

Be sure to check the “Next Event” section on the Hope Page for details and highlights, as well as hours.

When can I DRIFT at PARC?
The next event is May 23-25! PARC hosts monthly single-day Open-Drift Events along will a few Weekend Events. Drifting is NOT allowed daily at PARC. Please see the posted schedule of PARC Drift days.


Learn to drift from the pros!
To find the school classes and date availability, click here.

The School of Drift’s model is to offer turn-key drifting instruction that is a true arrive and drive day at the track. Utilizing our fleet of drift-prepped cars, we will refine our students’ car control on our beautiful, yet challenging 12-turn track, 10 minutes south of Portland, Oregon.

Our instructors have spent nearly half of their lives in this motorsport and are ready to share their knowledge, tips, and tricks to take your abilities to the next level. The curriculum was set by Chelsea DeNofa and is constantly being adapted to the fast-paced progression of today’s drifting. Our classes are tailored to any one from first timers all the way to Pro 2 Formula Drift drivers! No driver is too new or too well versed, there are always skills to be acquired here.

Sign up to shred! Check out our Drift School page above for more INFO and PRICING, for further questions feel free to email us at info@theschoolofdrift.com

Booking must be completed before being put on the schedule.


The School of Drift offers an array of classes for utilizing your own car as well as our drift spec BMW M3’s. Early Release instruction and Home Room classes can be scheduled Monday thru Friday between 9am-12:00pm. All full day instruction will be on Mondays from 9am to 4pm. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. For booking contact info@theschoolofdrift.com. Booking must be completed before being put on the schedule.

**Click the words of each option for more information**

Ride Along $35
Home Room $299
Half Day$799
Full Day$1349
Half Day Bring Your Own Car$499
Full Day Bring Your Own Car$849
Private Instruction With Chelsea DeNofa $849



Here are most dates available until December. If you are interested in booking a date below, a later date or a group larger than 3 people, please Email Us.


School Of Drift Classes Pats Acres Racing Complex

03-01-2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

03-05-2021, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

03-08-2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

03-12-2021, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

03-15-2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

03-19-2021, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

03-22-2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

03-26-2021, 9:00AM-12:00PM

03-29-2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

04-02-2021, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

04-05-2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM 

Pat’s Acres: This Is Drifting

17th April, 2018

Chapter 1. Wet Start

What does drifting mean to you? Is it 1,000hp monsters sliding through a few corners at a racetrack? Or is drifting meant for the mountain passes in Japan, a nostalgic pastime that will never be the same?

I feel that drifting is a bit like certain racing series where everyone seems to insist that it was better before. There are so many people who say that drifting has been completely ruined by high horsepower builds, ruined by drift missiles, ruined by Americans, ruined by regulation, ruined by just about anything and everything. Everyone likes to think that drifting peaked the moment they first learned about it or did it for themselves.

And that’s completely understandable, and likely why I’ve personally defined drifting as I have. To me, drifting is somewhere between commercialized competition and the legends of the touge: grassroots gatherings. The first proper drift event I went to consisted of 100 or so cars drifting all weekend at a go-kart track in Oregon; just a bunch of friends hanging out and having good fun. There’s something very pure about that to me.

And this is why I couldn’t have been more stoked to attend a private day at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Oregon earlier this month. PARC is one of my absolute favorite places to shoot, and I’m hoping this year I’ll be fortunate enough to make a couple more trips up north to the track. It’s surrounded by trees and always seems to have good light and great drivers. With less than 20 of the PNW’s best tearing up the course for the day, I knew it would be a good one.

When I showed up to the track I was greeted by Brett Williams’ wicked S15 getting unloaded with a fresh coat of rain still on the car. Unfortunately, half of the Villains team weren’t able to make the day since they’re actually building their own racetrack — Villains Sportsland — funded almost entirely by the local drift community. If that doesn’t scream ‘grassroots’ I don’t know what does.

As the morning went on, more gents arrived, including Rob Latham with his SR20-powered AE86 notchback.

Making 279whp and 269ft-lb of torque (Rob laments that they weren’t able to find just one more of either) with a fresh livery designed by Ian at Factory83, this 86 has been given a new lease on life. It’s a wild build that can go as fast as it looks.

From the amazing layout (big ups to John Jimison who was out with his drone for the day) nestled between a kink in the river, to the basketball hoop in the pits and spent rubber planter boxes, PARC is a one-of-a-kind facility.

While best known through the decades for go-karting — the owner, Chris Egger, used to blast around the course as a kid with his buddies — drifting has become a staple at the course.

I’ll admit I’ve never been too keen on go-karts, but on a proper mini road course like this they look quite enticing.

But I digress, this is about drifting after all. AJ Gillett from Risky Devil showed up with his daily driver wagon and drift-prepped Lexus IS300, and Danner Spellman came shortly later with his own.

With cars prepped and ready to roll, the drivers weren’t entirely eager to hit the soaked course. It’s a bit of a catch-22 as the best way to dry it out is to drive on it, but the early laps are certainly the least fun. The course was greasy and patchy early on in the day with lots of spin-outs despite the drivers easing into things.


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